New state review process will result in more renewable energy, with benefits for community and climate

Posted 2 July 2021 at 9:34 am


This is in response to an Orleans Hub article on June 25, “State approves first two large-scale renewable energy projects through ORES.”

The approval of Morris Ridge Solar Energy Center is a victory for us here in the community, and for the new Office of Renewable Energy Siting that provides an efficient process to get shovels in the ground for large-scale renewable projects while preserving local community involvement. ORES was created under climate-forward legislation signed by Governor Cuomo, and replaces an arcane, unworkable predecessor.

The need keeps getting greater to transition to renewable energy with these large-scale projects as the profound effects of climate change become ever more evident. The Pacific Northwest is suffering unprecedented blasts of triple-digit heat, farmers in the drought-stricken American West are selling water rights instead of planting crops, we see changes in wildlife and agriculture here, all because of climate change.

Large-scale solar power is the perfect antidote for our climate woes, directly replacing climate-killing burning of fossil fuels. It also brings major economic benefits. Morris Ridge Solar comes with jobs and economic investment. We can all celebrate its advent

Joanne Scanlon