New recycling carts being distributed in Orleans County

Photos by Tom Rivers: The new 96-gallon recycling totes were delivered to parts of the Village of Albion today, including these ones on Chamberlain Street.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 12 June 2019 at 4:40 pm

ALBION – The new recycling carts are being distributed in Orleans County. There are about 15,000 to be delivered.

It will take about three weeks for Rehrig Pacific Company of Erie, Pa. to deliver them the 15,000 addresses in the county. The task will be completed by June 30, county officials said.

The new 96-gallon capacity wheeled cart are replacing 18-gallon bins. The new totes can be used right away.

The smaller bins can be kept by residents, or they can put them out to be taken by Modern Recycling. The bins should be labelled “Take Me” if residents don’t want them.

Modern said the bins can be handy to collect recyclables inside a house and then dumped into the cart.

The new recycling totes replace the smaller 18-gallon bins. The new totes have green covers to make it clear the totes hold recycling.

The county contracts with Modern for garbage and recycling pickup. The company will switch to every other week collection for recycling beginning July 1. Garbage will still be picked up weekly.

The County Legislature in February approved spending $776,500 for 15,444 recycling carts. Those costs are coming out of the fee in the county taxes for garbage and recycling for residents. The county is seeking a state grant for half of the costs. If the grant comes through, the county will use that to pay off a lease payment it took out to cover half of the expense.

The new carts, at $50.28 each, hold 96 gallons. Rehrig Pacific Company of Erie, Pa. is the contractor for the new totes.

Each tote has a number with bar code and an RFID so the totes can be tracked. Residents should write down their totes’ identification numbers to make sure they aren’t mixed up with their neighbors’.

The switch to the larger carts will make it easier for Modern Disposal to pick up recycling, and should hold off increases in the costs for picking up garbage and recycling for the next few years, county officials said.

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