New poster of Albion doors celebrates architecture, historic sites in 14411

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 1 December 2015 at 8:00 am

Photos by Tom Rivers

ALBION – There is a new poster available in Albion that highlights the architecture of many historic sites in the community. I’ve been taking pictures of these doors for more than a year, trying to find the 25 most interesting ones.

I saw a poster of Buffalo doors about a year ago and decided to put one together for the Albion-Gaines community. I wanted to include many of the historic churches in Albion and also several of the doors from buildings at the Cobblestone Museum.

I was also looking for some oddball doors and included the marching band bus, the outhouse for former Gov. Rufus Bullock and one from a tugboat.

I decided to call it “14411 Doors” and use the zip code for Albion and Gaines. The two towns both have many striking historic treasures and linking the two makes the community even more dynamic.

You might wonder where I got the numbers for the 14411. Going across from left: a column from the Orleans County Courthouse; a 4 from the sign about Mount Albion Cemetery in the arch that says 1843; the 4 from the door on the former Swan Library; a window on the side of the Free Methodist Church (the first Free Methodist Church in the world); and a hitching post in Mount Albion.

Dublin, Ireland has really played up its doors with posters and numerous other products and tourism promotions. Click here for more about the Doors of Dublin.

I think there is potential to use the doors in Albion and Gaines as a draw for the area.

The “D” is actually one of the windows on the Albion Village Hall but it is tipped clockwise at a 90-degree angle. The first “O” is the big stained-glass window in the First Presbyterian Church and the second “O” is an old hitching post at Mount Albion.

The “R” is an ornate letter at Mount Albion for the Randall family (not far behind the chapel), and the “S” was taken from the Ingersoll Memorial Fountain at the cemetery.

The posters are 16 by 24 inches. They are available exclusively in the 14411 zip code at Bindings Bookstore, Hazy Jade Gift Shop, Watt Farms Country Market and the Lake Country Pennysaver.