New owners take reins of gym on Main Street in Albion

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 13 May 2021 at 9:50 am

The Hustl House drops the ‘e’ for no excuses

The owners of The Hustl House are working to reopen the former Albion Fitness Center at 12 North Main St.  Opening day is set for May 17. The owners are all cousins from Lyndonville. They include, right to left: John Brabon, Nick Joy and Dawson Joy. The trio is putting down new rubber flooring and has added $10,000 worth of new exercise equipment.

ALBION – Three cousins from Lyndonville are putting their business expertise, passion for fitness and optimism in the area into a new venture: The Hustl House.

John Brabon, Nick Joy and Dawson Joy are co-owners of the gym that was the Albion Fitness Center at 12 North Main St. They will reopen the site on May 17.

They have sent $10,000 for new equipment, and are planning more upgrades, including tanning beds and possibly a sauna. They also have removed the carpeting and have put down rubber gym flooring.

With the gym’s name they dropped the “e” in Hustle “because there’s no excuses.”

Brabon, 29, works as a sales manager at Orleans Ford and has been the top seller for the dealership for many months. He sees an opportunity in Albion for the gym. The population of about 15,000 in central Orleans is currently underserved with options for a gym and fitness center, he said.

Nick Joy, 30, has his own business – the Shed Express – where he hauls sheds for the Amish community to locations throughout the Northeast. He has a master’s degree in exercise science and has worked as a strength and conditioning coach for professional athletes, including the L.A. Galaxy. His passion is fitness and his goal has been to open a gym.

He was getting a haircut next door at Zach’s Barbershop in Albion when Vinny Navarra came in a few months ago and urged Joy to make an offer on the gym and building.

Joy talked with his cousins and closed on the deal last Friday with Navarra, who started the gym and owns the building.

“I’ve always been into fitness and you never know when an opportunity will come up,” Joy said. “My goal is to help everyone be healthier, whether it’s high school athletes or anyone else in the community.”

The Hustl House has added more leg weights, lower-body equipment, a new squat rack, dead lift platform, leg press and machines to work the hip flexors, hamstrings and shoulders.

Dawson Joy, 22, has been working for a local fruit farm. Joy said he is a people-person and often he would only see a few co-workers a day in the orchards.

“I really enjoy connecting with people,” he said. “I’m excited to see all of the people who will be coming in.”

He will be the gym’s day-to-day manager. The site will be open 24-7 with a keycard access system.

The owners have lowered the monthly membership costs to $30. When they open next week, they will have about 75 percent of their immediate upgrades done. Brabon said there will be more improvements the next few months.

Gyms and fitness centers have been hurt during the Covid-19 pandemic with the state closing the sites for several months last year, and then restricting the capacity, or maximum number of people allowed inside. That capacity threshold will be raised from 33 to 50 percent on Saturday.

Brabon sees gyms as a good investment. He expects more people will be looking to strengthen their bodies and become healthier, especially after the stress and isolation of the pandemic the past 14 months.

Barbon praised Navarra for his upgrades to the building. Brabon is planning to turn the upstairs office space into six or seven apartments. Navarra did a great job creating those office spaces and making the building an attractive property, Brabon said.

The Hustl House will be posting updates on its Facebook and Instagram accounts.