Negativity grows as people are quick to criticize elected officials

Posted 14 August 2018 at 9:32 am


“Life isn’t fair. It’s true, and you still have to deal with it. Whining about it rarely levels the playing field, but learning to rise above it is the ultimate reward.” – Harvey Mackay

The negativity has seemed to grow over the years, when it comes to our elected officials. Having recently received a mailing at home, read letters to the editor and observing posts on social media, I have found my fellow citizens whining about our politicians.

Whether it be on the national or the local government level, an election was held, a candidate won and was sworn to fill that position. Rise above the fact it was not what you wanted and become a productive means for change. Address the issues, not the person.

Most decisions in government are made by a group’s majority, not one person. Have a solution for the issue or issues at hand. Actions are what create progress.

Speaking out, especially anonymously, about an individual is just counterproductive in my opinion.  If you want to be heard, be present, suggest solutions and work together to resolve the issues.

Peter D. Hendrickson, Jr.