Need an oil change? Brothers in Holley will travel to your home

Photos by Tom Rivers: Matt Butler, left, and his brother Richard Butler last month started Mobile Oil Change Solutions. They will travel to someone’s house or workplace to change the oil. The Butlers said they are the first business of this kind in New York.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 15 July 2020 at 2:12 pm

Matt and Richard Butler start Mobile Oil Change Solutions, offering convenience and 11-point maintenance check

HOLLEY – In December, Matt Butler needed to get the oil changed in his truck. He was busy with his job and his family, and didn’t want to go somewhere to have the service done.

He assumed there was a business that would come to him for a simple oil change. He looked online and there wasn’t a business like that in New York. He did see that those businesses are an emerging trend in Florida and Tennessee.

The Butler brothers have a trailer with tools and supplies.

Butler, 38, for nearly seven years owned Vapor World in Brockport, an e-cigarette shop. He was phasing out of that due to the ban on flavored e-cigarettes. (That took effect in NY on July 1.)

Butler spoke with his brother Richard, who was working in sales but had a knack with fixing cars. Richard, 35, agreed there was potential for a business that would travel to change people’s oil.

They started the process of creating their business in March and in June launched Mobile Oil Change Solutions.

“This is a relatively new industry,” Matt Butler said.

They change the oil and do an 11-point maintenance check on wiper fluid, power steering fluid, radiator fluid, brake fluid, clutch fluid, air filter, wiper blade, belts, hoses and lights/signals. They also check the air pressure on tires.

The entire process takes about 30-40 minutes with the two brothers working in tandem.

“Taking care of the preventive maintenance will help your vehicle last longer,” Richard said.

The Butler brothers, who both live in Holley, see Orleans and Monroe counties as their main customer markets, but they are willing to go farther especially if they can book multiple customers near each other.

They said they are “mess-free” in changing the oil. They use an extraction machine to pull out the oil in most cases. If they have to remove the drain plug to let out the old oil, they have splatter free pans.

They take away the old oil and replace it with either Sunoco or Amsoil, a higher-end synthetic oil.

“We’re just trying to make this a little more convenient for people’s lives,” Matt Butler said. “You don’t have to sit around in an auto shop. We can take care of it in your driveway or at work with permission of the owner.”

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