Nature is full of splendor at the Holley Waterfalls

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 10 November 2013 at 12:00 am

Photos by Tom Rivers – The waterfalls plunges the east branch of Sandy Creek about 35 feet.

HOLLEY – I was in Holley today and stopped by the Holley Waterfalls, which seem to burst out of the side of a hill in wooded area off Frisbee Terrace.

The village of Holley worked hard about 15 years ago to create a canal park, trail system and picnic area by the waterfalls.

This is one of Orleans County’s best spots and seems half the high schoolers I know have their senior pictures taken here.

Holley is trying to draw more attention to this site with signs along Route 31. If you’re wondering how to get there you turn towards the Save-A-Lot on Frisbee Terrace and follow the road down past the DPW garage.

You can even explore on the hill and get some pictures from up top. If you go to the Canal Park and walk a little to the east, you can also see how the east branch of Sandy Creek flows under the canal and then tumbles down the falls.

Sandy Creek seems to be racing towards the falls, ready for the big drop.

This is as close as I was willing to get looking down the waterfalls.

I give Holley high marks for developing a trail system and canal park with the waterfalls the exclamation point. The village has also added benches, a pavilion and some grills. I stop by the waterfalls a few times a year and people are always there. Two people were fishing when I stopped by around 4 p.m.

Nature shows its grit on the side of the hill.

Some of the leaves won’t budge despite the fast-moving water.