National Grid seeks to defer rate increase to take effect April 1

Posted 24 March 2020 at 11:40 am

Press Release, National Grid

National Grid has taken another step to reduce the coronavirus’ financial strain and economic uncertainty on upstate New York customers by deferring a bill increase that was scheduled to take effect April 1.

The company has asked New York regulators for permission to postpone the previously approved gas and electricity delivery price increases in recognition of the unprecedented hardships the COVID-19 outbreak continues to bring to families across the region.

“We have made the commitment to help our customers through these challenging times and this is another step on that journey,” said Badar Khan, National Grid’s Interim U.S. President. “We will continue to closely monitor our customers’ needs during the pandemic and find new ways to assist where we can.”

In today’s filing, National Grid requested a three-month delay in implementing the increases that were approved as part of a multi-party agreement to reset electricity and gas delivery prices.

The agreement calls for an approximately 4 percent increase in electricity bills and a 5 percent increase in natural gas bills to support investments in infrastructure safety and integrity, and enhancements to energy efficiency and other customer-focused initiatives.

National Grid has asked for those increases, as well as a required April 1 update to the low-income customer credit that would reduce the currently available discount to qualifying customers, to be delayed until July 1.

National Grid also has asked that the Public Service Commission defer until the summer any rate increases in the pending gas rate cases for downstate New York.

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