Napoli has proven to be hard-working town supervisor for Ridgeway

Posted 14 June 2019 at 9:21 pm


To the residents of Ridgeway, I would ask for a few moments of your time to tell you about my friend, Brian Napoli. I was fortunate enough to work for the Town of Ridgeway for a few years and my observations may help you with your decision in the upcoming Republican primaryon (June 25 and the general election in November.

Brian Napoli is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. Smart? Ethical? Sure, but more importantly, hard working. He can take a complex problem, break that problem down to its component factors, analyze and mitigate those factors and come up with viable solutions to that problem.

I watched him do that again and again. Town budgets, contract negotiations, personnel matters or the concerns of a frustrated taxpayer, he never failed to present imaginative solutions to the rest of us on the Town Board. He can methodically and pragmatically work through problems, always with the Ridgeway taxpayer in mind.

Brian Napoli’s dedication to the town manifests itself in accessibility. His regular business hours at town hall and by cell phone in off hours, attendance at all luncheons, dinners, conferences, county meetings, private business meetings, community meetings, church gatherings, any venue which directly or indirectly affects town business in any way, is legendary. I still remember when Brian Napoli and I put our best face forward to be pelted with tomatoes to assist in a community fund raising project.

Brian Napoli is also a networking marvel. If the town needs guidance or assistance from some other governmental agency or jurisdiction or community organization, they take Brian’s phone calls and react. In my experience, those reactions were always favorable to the Town of Ridgeway.

The highest form of praise I know comes from street vernacular and it’s “he’s a standup guy.” Brian Napoli is a standup guy.

He does, of course, have his flaws. He is terrible at self-promotion. His many accomplishments as town supervisor have to be cataloged by others. Where the financial health of the Town of Ridgeway is concerned, he is inflexible. If it does not benefit the town, or at least be cost neutral, it will not happen. Finally, having worked with Brian Napoli, he expects everyone else to work as hard as he does. That can be difficult.

Please do not just take my word that Brian Napoli is a hardworking and effective town supervisor who absolutely deserves re-election, talk to anyone who knows him. Town, village or county leaders, planning board members, church leaders or the people with whom you might share a cup of coffee or perhaps a beer. Don’t be surprised if you hear “Brian Napoli? Yeah he’s a standup guy…”

Paul J. Blajszczak