N-O forms Student-Athlete Athletic Council

Contributed Story Posted 13 November 2022 at 9:36 am

Contributed Photo – The newly organized Niagara-Orleans League Student-Athlete Athletic Council held its first meeting this past week. The Council is comprised of two seniors, two juniors, two sophomore and two freshmen student-athletes from each of the league’s seven schools. Those student-athletes include, as listed by school, are as follows. Akron – seniors Andrew Romesser and Sophia Jones/Elsie Logan, juniors Dawson Stone and Emma Gerstung, sophomores Nick Fry and Julia Klodzinski, freshmen Aaron Gehl and Cara Swader. Albion – seniors Corleone Plain and Maya Knaak, juniors Mason Lynch and Gina Sidari, sophomores Matt Kania and Mackenzie Snook, freshmen Pablo Rosario Reyes and Alyazirah Villanueva; Barker – seniors Aidan Voss and MacKenzie Dodge, juniors Andress Nestoros and Petra Bish, sophomores Michael Kalyncz and Shelby Dauphinee, freshmen Luke Fay and Madeline Pavlock. Medina – Aidan Paul and Rylee VanNostrand, juniors Iyla Lilleby and Dylan Lonnen, sophomores Sophia Goyette and Cole Callard, freshmen Vinny Gray and Lilah Class. Newfane – seniors Daemon Kopp and Hailey Gross, juniors Landon Braman and Cameron Stopa, sophomores Cameron Gilson and Anna Chunco, freshmen Isaiah Gerstung and Simona Rouse. Roy-Hart – seniors Thomas Russo III and Grace Parker, juniors Brayden Fry and Elianna Brauen, sophomores Daniel Aquilina and Kaitlin Mettler, freshmen Evan Poeller and Peyton May. Wilson – seniors Nathan Meyers and Cassidy Wagner, juniors Jake Austin and Rian Faery, sophomores Jayden Ruble and Madelynna Jowdy, freshmen Brady Seeley and Rowan Simpson.