Murray town supervisor sees many successes benefitting local taxpayers

Posted 3 June 2021 at 9:25 am


I’d like to thank the residents of Murray for your confidence in me and the privilege to serve as your Supervisor.

The job is very demanding. To do it right requires a commitment of time, lifestyle, and family sacrifice. It takes vision, leadership and compromise. An understanding of governmental accounting, business, community and the greater good.

In my first year we’ve accomplished a lot. Despite the pandemic we brought about difficult but necessary changes while taking on the toughest issues. The record speaks for itself.

  • Reduced budget spending and property taxes by 1.6%
  • Eliminated Golden Parachute benefit packages for departing elected officials saving over $70,000.
  • Reduced water taxes over $70,000.
  • Refinanced long-term debt saving $631,000.
  • Acquired a Moody’s Bond Rating of A1
  • Reduced the 50% town wide water loss to 30%
  • Reduced discretionary highway spending $92,000
  • Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Amendments are near completion
  • A new Town website with live streaming capabilities for open government and transparency.
  • Initiated monthly work meetings with community involvement
  • Restoring and rededicating the Fancher War Memorial is underway.

I set the Town on an aggressive re-boot from day 1. I am proud of these accomplishments and must commend everyone for their contributions in making these achievements a reality.

Thank you to EFPR Financial Solutions for accounting upgrades and help refinancing debt.

Thank you to HV Audit for analyzing our water billing program and providing reliable water loss data.

Thank you to our amazing Comprehensive Plan Committee who have volunteered this past year to create a vision statement, master plan and zoning amendments for our future.

Thank you to our Highway and Water Crew for all you do. Working long periods of time in adverse weather conditions with little rest. With your grit and determination, we have significantly reduced our water losses. I’m confident you will rectify our remaining deficiency and lead the county by example.

Thank you to our Town Board for your service.

A very special thank you to Town Clerk Cindy Oliver who from the outset has welcomed me, tolerated my strenuous agenda and has been a constant delight to work with. Chief of Staff, nothing would get accomplished without you. Thank you.

Thank you to the Murray Republican Committee for unanimously endorsing me for Murray Supervisor for a 2nd term. It is a privilege to serve our Community.

We have more to do. A lot of big tough issues yet to address. Economic recovery, business development, renewable energy, sustainable employee health care, and the sad reality that so many of our children are living in poverty.

The job of Supervisor is so much more than paying bills once a month. You have to live it and breathe it. You have to do it for the greater good. You have to work hard and expect others around you to do as well.

I’d appreciate your support in the June 22nd Republican primary. I’d like to give it my best for another term.

Believe in Murray.

Joe Sidonio

Murray Supervisor