Murray town government suffering from poor management decisions

Posted 15 April 2019 at 8:07 am


As promised the campaign for better town governance continues. I turned in petitions for the Republican and Independence Primary Elections on June 25th for Murray Town Supervisor.

It has become increasingly obvious our town needs help. Poor management decisions by our Supervisor have led to a Confidential Employee Separation Agreement costing Murray residents tens of thousands of dollars. Imagine how those funds could have been used if re-invested in our community.

The recent attempts to adopt an overly restrictive zoning regulation while ignoring opinions of State, County and Murray residents is further evidence. Why and at what cost did we copy a restrictive downstate zoning ordinance from Orange County? This proposed law follows on the heels of Murray adopting the Town of Greece’s Enhanced Property Maintenance Law. Those chain of events suggest Murray is not headed in the right direction. While I understand the need for regulation, Murray should not promote itself as an overly restrictive suburban community.

We are a Right to Farm community and government should not run our lives!

So, what’s our plan? Where are we headed? The sudden resignation of our Planning Board Chairwoman and representative to the County Planning Board indicate more problems at the town hall. Our planning department is now adrift at sea without a rudder and attempts by our Supervisor to steer it are clearly not working.

I will continue to build on the positive community achievements our campaign accomplished. There are many opportunities to be had if we would only reach for them. As a Marine Corps Veteran, college educated business owner with 12 years of planning and zoning experience, I can help plot a more stable course forward. My wife Amy a member of the NYS Agricultural Advisory Committee keeps me abreast of the challenges facing our farmers.

By being fiscally responsible, community minded, inclusive and respectful of others we can build a better community that is sustainable for generations to come.

My agenda is clear: I work for you.

Joe Sidonio


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