Murray town employees most responsible for recent successes

Posted 15 June 2021 at 10:47 am


This is not a letter I wanted to write, but I feel that it is important to set the record straight. In true fashion, I am telling it like it is. It is interesting that Murray Town Supervisor Joe Sidonio chooses this moment in time to finally thank the Highway and Water crew.

Dennis Mandigo and myself took over as Highway and Water Superintendents when Ed Morgan retired last year. It would have been nice to have had the Supervisor’s support at any time last year, when it was needed.

The same Highway & Water crew he praised in his letter is the same crew that he belittled all of last year. When the Water crew found a significant leak under Ridge Road in September, Supervisor Sidonio felt the need to take their pipe and have it analyzed, presumably to verify that it was legitimate and not a fake.

During our time as Highway & Water Superintendents last year, Dennis Mandigo and myself saved $180,000 of our Highway Budget, therefore reducing budget spending. The long-term debt was a refinancing of the water districts brought to the Town Board by our previous accountant, Bob Fox.

The discretionary highway spending of $92,000 is still in the budget for the highway to spend, it was simply moved to the General Fund. We do not have live streaming, but did had Zoom meetings, which was a necessity brought on by Covid-19.

The Fancher War Memorial is being restored, thanks to the request and generous donation of Fancher’s own Fred Fiorito.

Lastly, the Water Department Crew, led by Dennis Mandigo, reduced the almost 50% water loss to less than 25%. Although the Board members offered support, the Supervisor did not. Our fine crew accomplished that on their own.

Residents are being deliberately misled. The Supervisor now thanks the same Town Board that he ridiculed last month. Accomplishments listed are from team efforts, not for one person to take credit for. Thank you to our Town Board members – Lloyd Christ, Paul Hendel, Mike Mele and Randy Bower – along with the fine employees, residents and professionals that we rely on to get things done.

Mr. Sidonio is right about one thing; the job of Supervisor is more than just paying bills. It is about having a vision for the entire town, not just what one person wants for themselves. It is about being professional and treating employees and residents with respect. It is about being a good role model and representative for the Town. It is about listening to other people’s ideas. Randy Bower has all of these qualifications.

Search Randy Bower in this very paper to see for yourself and you will see that he is more than qualified on every level.

I do believe in Murray and I believe our residents will elect a Supervisor we can be proud of. Please vote Randy Bower for town supervisor during early voting and Primary Day on June 22nd.

Louise Passarell

Town of Murray

Passarell is the Murray Town Assessor and the Highway and Water Clerk