Murray ‘Team’ let many issues linger with no push for resolution

Posted 17 June 2021 at 11:39 am


In the old days we called it the “Good Old Boys Club.” Today we call it the “Team.” The “Team” does work well together … But, what do they work well on?

We experienced “Team Murray” under the previous administration and what did that get us? A continued 50% water loss paid for by a hidden tax.

We have also experienced the “Team First” approach. The “Team” amended the Town’s benefits package to unlawfully provide financial compensation to an outgoing “Team Official” on the eve of his departure. Fortunately, Mr. Sidonio at his first meeting brought it to light and prohibited that “team first” action.

Joe includes every citizen equally and fairly. Joe encourages and welcomes public comment which is a fundamental basis for his platform.

Isn’t it strange under the “Team” approach there was rarely a dissenting opinion or vote? Do we want a town board that is always in agreement? A healthy town meeting has discussion and debate and in the open. In this small town every voice is important.

If the “Team” works so well together, what have they really accomplished? Why is the “Team” opposed to monthly work meetings? Did the “Team” work to reduce taxes, were they the driving force all these years to address the water loss or refinance the district debt? What contributions are they making to the Fancher War Memorial restoration and rededication? Or are they simply riding the back of Supervisor Sidonio’s hours and hours of hard work to claim victory for their “Team”?

It’s obvious to me that Supervisor Sidonio is working very hard to improve our Town.

I suggest the “Team” get on board. The train left the station and the days of old are long gone.

Brian Fauci