Murray supervisor wants to keep momentum going with more improvements in town

Posted 6 January 2022 at 2:29 pm


As I begin my second term as Murray Supervisor, I wish to thank those who have entrusted me to continue overseeing the affairs of the Town.

To those who are politically opposed, I offer a pledge to seek common ground to the goal of making Murray the best little town in America.

Change is a difficult thing to bring. It takes time and commitment. I never said it would be easy. Despite the political anxiety brought on by change, together we achieved many goals for Murray.

In December, after nearly 2 years of work we adopted our new Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance. Funding set aside in 2019 and led by a committee of diverse residents with common vision, we created a living breathing document for our future.

Previous administrations provided a safe public water supply to our residents. Our new Water Superintendent, Dirk Lammes, is focused on improving the Water System’s operations and maintenance. Record numbers of leaks were located and repaired in 2021. New software is being installed and the Town will use ARPA Funding for infrastructure improvements. Mr. Lammes brings fresh ideas, shares his knowledge and encourages training for his crew. We now have a team of certified water operators managing our water system.

We appointed a new Code Enforcement Officer. Hired a Building Department Clerk who is central to the Planning and Zoning Boards and helps residents get started in the right direction. Several businesses are expanding and new businesses have set up shop in Murray. We are communicating with the Orleans County EDA on how to further improve our business climate.

A new legal team has been retained providing the Town with legal expertise for any legal matter. A new Tax Assessor has been appointed, joining veteran Assessor Lynn Wood, combining 44 years of experience to the office. We have a wonderful new web site. Installed state of the art technology to live stream our meetings. A new phone system is being considered to replace our antiquated phones, saving a bundle.

As promised, I’ve worked hard with the Town Board to budget conservatively resulting in 2 years of tax rate reduction. Refinanced Water Debt is saving you $631,000 over a 20-year period. Real estate sales remain strong with sales topping assessed valuations. Consequently, we are required to complete a town-wide revaluation in 2023. I call on every taxing jurisdiction – School, County, Village, Fire District and even the Library – to not take advantage of increased property values or use the 2% tax cap as justification for budget spending increases. We do not need more government simply because our homes are worth more.

For me the most rewarding accomplishment is the restoration and rededication of the Fancher War Memorial. No longer considered an old municipal clock it has been restored to its stately purpose honoring those 10 boys from Fancher who gave their lives in WWII. Even greater, it united a community to common purpose, created new friendships, shared visions and stands as a beautiful welcome to travelers in our Town. Thank you to Congressman Jacobs, Senator Ortt, Assemblyman Hawley and the Landmark Society for recognizing the significance of our monument, the community effort and ultimate sacrifice for which it stands. On behalf of all veterans and our community, thank you. It remains the largest community gathering for a dedication in Orleans County.

We are now at a crossroads. Complacency is not an option. We are working with grant writers to explore every opportunity. A newly formed committee will create the Town’s Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan, first in the County.

We will implement the Comprehensive Plan recommendations and monitor its progress. Our renewable energy laws are being reviewed. Further upgrades to the Fancher War Memorial are planned. Place a greater emphasis on Town history with more collaboration between our Historian, Murray-Holley Historical Society and the Town.

I welcome more intermunicipal dialogue between Murray and the Village of Holley. Let’s build on your great success with Holley Gardens.

Let’s all come together, explore ideas and continue building our future. We have plenty of room for and welcome everyone who have ideas and energy willing help our community.

Happy New Year.

Joe Sidonio

Murray Supervisor