Murray supervisor candidate urges support in fight against Status Quo

Posted 11 August 2017 at 5:28 pm


I am pleased to announce that on July 11th, I submitted my petitions to seek the Republican endorsement for Murray Town Supervisor.

My journey to this decision has taken at least twelve years, when I joined the Murray Planning Board and witnessed first-hand predatory code enforcement practices and selective enforcement. Consequently, the Town of Murray has gained a reputation as a punitive and oppressive government hostile to its businesses and residents.

Since that time, I began to question how Murray does business, and became concerned. At a Murray Town Board meeting several years back, I asked a simple question: why are our town taxes going up again? With no credible explanation from the town board, I began to look at our financial operations.

I studied our local laws, policies, Comptrollers Audit Report and several years of budgets. My work revealed:

• Our water department is losing money

• We have significant water loss

• The Town is not following Local Finance Law

• Residents are over-taxed for bond repayments

• The Town is not adhering to its own local laws

• Public officers are Double-Dipping

• Murray is the 3rd highest taxed town in Orleans County, yet once the lowest-taxed.

I am no longer able to stand by and accept the Status Quo. The primary on September 12, the first in more than 3 decades, will allow the voters to select the endorsed candidate, rather than an out-of-touch GOP committee. I am proud to challenge the Status Quo on your behalf.

My opponent has been a gentleman in our interactions and I appreciate that. However, he has had several opportunities since being appointed to the Town Board to weigh in on serious issues. On the $50,000, 15-million-gallon alleged water leak on Ridge Road, he simply rubber-stamped the highway superintendent’s explanation that heavy truck traffic, vibrating pipes, and pin holes were to blame. So, he voted to raise the water rates instead of solving the problem.

On the issue of double-dipping health care stipends, my opponent had ample opportunity to contact the Comptroller to obtain a free legal opinion on the matter but declined.  This needless spending continues on his watch.

My opponent, hand-picked by GOP leaders to fill a vacancy without having ever been to a Town meeting, now seeks the office of Supervisor to further the Status Quo. In our environment of failed policy, over-taxation and oppressive code enforcement, this is unacceptable.

While I respect my opponent’s professionalism, he is not the right person for the job. Tough policy decisions need to be made. Financial reforms must be implemented. The water department needs to be rebooted. I highly doubt he will be able to separate his GOP loyalty from the pressing issues at hand.

It’s time to end the tax and spend, and I’d appreciate your support on September 12th!

Joseph Sidonio