Murray seeks residents to serve on committee for Comprehensive Plan

Posted 3 February 2020 at 10:37 am


I am writing you today to inform residents in the Town of Murray of the Comprehensive Plan update we are undertaking this year. The Town Board has appropriated funding in its budget to retain LaBella Associates, a Rochester engineering and planning firm, to help guide us through this exciting and important project.

The Comprehensive Plan is important because it provides the vision for elected officials to justify their decision-making policies in what is best for the community. The “Plan” is the base line by which a community develops its zoning ordinance regulating land use.

The Plan develops community goals and sets forth a strategy to achieve them. Since no one governing body can speak for us all, it is important to include the voice of the community throughout this process.  Inclusiveness is essential for a healthy future.

To develop a successful community based comprehensive plan it is vital to hear from you. There are several ways we can achieve this. Surveys work, but are expensive and are well, surveys, many of which end up in the trash.

In my view, the best effort to obtain community input is directly from those interested at our work meetings. LaBella would like us to form a Steering Committee to meet periodically throughout this year to organize what is important to us. LaBella will do the lion’s share of the work but cannot read our minds.

It is a rewarding experience to shape one’s community. Please consider joining the steering committee. The committee will meet periodically throughout the year under the leadership of Labella. Public hearings will also be held to solicit your viewpoints. Either way, it is a great opportunity to be proactively involved in something that directly effects your lives.

We need your help.

Please join our Steering Committee. Contact us at your Town Hall for more information. 585-638-6570

Joe Sidonio

Town Supervisor