Murray residents should take notice of Town Hall atmosphere, government’s due diligence

Posted 19 June 2021 at 7:58 am


In a letter Posted June 15, 2021 Louise Passarell starts out with “this is not a letter I wanted to write.” In fact she has written before with letters September 12, 2017, November 5, 2017, September 11, 2018, and 29 October 29, 2020. All express the same position in opposition to Joe Sidonio.

This isn’t a campaign letter, I have issues with both candidates. What concerns me is that the employees of the Town of Murray are trying to impact who their bosses are, without disclosing their relationships.

Randy Bower is Louise’s cousin. As she has shown in her previous correspondences, she doesn’t like Joe.

I have found her rude and combative in meetings and in dealings with her. How the Board could make the clerk the highway superintendent was puzzling.

To be fair Joe has been pointing out the water losses for years now. Louise as well as the Board first denied then minimized the losses, which amounted to hundreds of dollars a day. The losses are still too high, but they do seem to be working on it. Nobody thought Joe would be in the ditch fixing the leaks.

I am equally concerned about the direction and changes that Joe has pushed in the Town’s zoning. I have watched Planning, Zoning Boards and the code enforcement suffer losses of members and employees because there is not clear direction or someone is attempting to influence decisions.

As I started to review the changes in zoning it became painfully clear that the review of the changes by the board had been lacking and while they have corrected the first glaring error I found, there are more and I am not their consultant, they need to review it.

I am not advocating for any candidate, I hope that the residents will start to take notice of what’s happening and register their concerns with the elected officials.

Ron Vendetti


(Vendetti is a former code enforcement officer in Murray.)