Murray had highest turnout among 10 towns for primary

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 1 July 2019 at 11:51 am

MURRAY – Republicans in Murray had the highest turnout for the primary last Tuesday .

Primaries don’t tend to bring out the voters en masse. But Tuesday’s turnout wasn’t too far off a local general election.

The turnout countywide was 32.3 percent or 3,487 voters among the 10,789. That doesn’t include 137 absentees and seven affidavits. When they are included the overall turnout is 33.6 percent or 3,631 voters. That also means more than 7,000 registered Republicans didn’t vote in the primary.

Here is a breakdown of turnout at the 10 towns last Tuesday.

Community Voters Registered Percent Voted
Albion 405 1,319 30.7
Barre 194 618 31.4
Carlton 349 946 36.9
Clarendon 337 1,118 30.1
Gaines 307 825 37.2
Kendall 248 812 30.5
Murray 512 1,306 39.2
Ridgeway 491 1,714 28.6
Shelby 431 1,307 33.0
Yates 213 824 25.8
County 3,487 10,789 32.3

Source: Orleans County Board of Elections; Orleans Hub calculations.

Board of Elections staff had ballots printed for a 50 percent turnout in towns with town elections, as well as a hotly contested sheriff’s election between Chris Bourke and Brett Sobieraski. Elections printed ballots for a 45 percent turnout in towns without town positions on the ballot.

Murray not only had the sheriff’s race, but a battle for town supervisor Robert Miller and Joe Sidonio, as well as three people seeking two spots on the Town Board. The councilman candidates included Neil Valentine, Lloyd Christ and Dirk Lammes.

Murray also had the biggest turnout about two years in the Republican primary at 42.2 percent. Sidonio and Miller again squared off in that primary, which didn’t include a countywide race.

Yates had the lowest turnout at 25.8 percent. That town didn’t have a primary for any town level positions.

Ridgeway had the second lowest turnout on Tuesday, despite a race for town supervisor and two other seats on the Town Board. Ridgeway, at 28.6 percent, and Yates were the only towns below a 30-percent turnout.

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