Murray GOP Committee candidate asks for support in primary

Posted 15 June 2020 at 11:01 am


Greetings to the Republican voters of the Town of Murray! My name is Anthony J. Peone and I am seeking your vote for the Murray Republican Committee, District 3. That is the area of the town that encompasses most of the northern part of the Village of Holley.

I have lived in the town for the last ten years and was active in local politics in Brockport where I lived before moving here. I operated Brockport Computer in that village for over 20 years and am a graduate of SUNY Brockport.

I am seeking this position to hopefully add some new ideas to our local government. It seems that the committee and the Town Board are populated by persons who have been in their jobs for quite a while.

I believe along with Mark Twain that politicians, like diapers, should be changed frequently and for the same reasons! We need less career politicians and more new people with fresh ideas and a fresh outlook. If I am chosen for this office, I pledge to serve only two terms. Since that is the rule for presidents, I believe it should apply to all elected officials.

Please consider me for your vote for Republican District Committee member in the June 23rd election. Along with Kerry Neale in District 3 and Kellie Gregoire and Adam Moore in District 6 we will help bring about needed change in our town governance. God bless America and our President, Donald J. Trump.

Anthony J. Peone