Murray GOP chairman urges support for long-time Republicans with record of service

Posted 10 September 2018 at 8:56 pm


On Thursday, September 13, from noon until 9 p.m. at the Holley High School there will be primary voting for the Town of Murray Republican Committee and for a Town Board member.

There are 9 challengers to the incumbent committee members, four of them registered Republican in 2017, one in 2015. We welcome them to the party. The concern is their motive to run for committee.

Saturday I went to the Post Office to mail the campaign letters for my district and found myself the object of another rant by the leader of this group of committee candidates, which read in part “the Republican Party will stop at nothing to retain their power grip on the taxpayers.” Is this what we want from representatives of our party?

Every ad from the Council challenger insinuates some sort of corruption or ethical issue. The truth is that the Town has an independent audit every year and has always had good reports. Serving on the committee doesn’t get anyone a job – it actually costs money and time to serve. We do it because we care about our community.

Every member of our current committee has been involved in the community over the years in a variety of areas. Every member of our committee has donated time and money to the party. Can the challengers say the same? Where have they been? There is one reason they are running and that is to serve their leader’s insatiable appetite for power.

In the same Facebook post he says, “One can only guess what dirt he will mail out” referring to my mailing. He would be best served by not producing the dirt in the first place. I don’t need to discuss his legal transgressions – I think everybody knows about his past and his most recent offenses.

Elect Republicans that have always worked for you!

Neil Valentine is the endorsed candidate for Town Board. His integrity and ethics are above reproach.

Elect Republicans who are lifetime residents and follow old-fashioned values: dedication, integrity, loyalty, knowledgeable and experienced!

I urge you to vote Neil Valentine for councilman.

Elect your committee that will keep Republicans in office: District 1 – Michael Mele and Edward Morgan; District 2 – Mark Porter and Douglas Heath; District 3 – Kathleen Case and Ronald Vendetti; District 4 – Kimberly DeFrank and write-in David Knapp; District 5 – Cynthia Oliver and Lynn Wood; District 6 – Glenn DeFrank and Robert Miller.

Ron Vendetti

Town of Murray Republican Chairman