Murray employee urges support for Bob Miller

Posted 12 September 2017 at 1:07 pm


With all that has been going on in regards to the Primary Election today for Town of Murray Supervisor, I feel the need to say a few things. When I started working for the Town of Murray nine years ago, I didn’t know much about how town government worked, but I have learned a lot. What I know is that, despite what you may have heard, the Town of Murray actually works very well!

Our current Board (which includes Bob Miller), as well as past Boards, takes great care in how they spend our money. Yes, we are all taxpayers, too. There is not a lot of waste here. I personally submit each and every invoice from the highway and water department for payment. I billed Lloyd Christ for his hydrant use, as I do with every other hydrant user. He paid that bill. Mr. Sidonio reported the famous hydrant issue to the police. It was reported to the Health Department. Ed Morgan, along with our attorney, Jeff Martin, went to a hearing at the Health Department, and it was determined that no violation had occurred, no fines; we won the case. End of story.

We are audited by an independent auditor each and every year. Our water accounts are thoroughly gone over. We had a NYS audit a few years ago and yes, they found a few things that we should have done differently with the courtroom project, but there was and never has been any money missing, as some would like to infer. If there were any issues at all, we would have been fined. If there were any problems, Rural Development would not continue to give us grants and loans toward additional water districts. It is ridiculous for anyone to imply that we (employees, dept. heads, supervisor, board members, etc.) are making out like bandits. How?? In what way?? We are all here doing our jobs, trying to serve and help the residents and taking pride in our jobs.

Mr. Sidonio is going around, telling people what they want to hear, whether it is true or not. He has told residents or made these false statements:

Your assessment will go up because you put in a new driveway… Not true.

When I am supervisor, you will not need a permit for a junkyard… Not true.

All of the vehicles and equipment are leased… Not true.

Town officials’ assessments do not get increased… Not true.

We tried three times to get the grant for our new truck… Not true.

We have endured double digit tax increases… Not true. (unless you add enough years together)

He tried multiple times to talk to Ed Morgan with no success… Not true.

Employees and officials are corrupt and unethical… Not true!

Joe Sidonio is not a victim. He simply puts a spin on everything so that he looks like one and to advance his own cause. He complains that he and his family are being victimized, forgetting all the mud that he has slung himself, forgetting the careers and families he and his crew have attacked from the very start

We have been incredibly lucky to have Ed Morgan as Highway/Water Supt. His experience, knowledge, hard work and dedication to this town is invaluable. Jeff Martin is one of the top lawyers in this state (corporate or otherwise) and we could not have a more honest and fair man working for us. Everyone from the board members, assessor, clerks, highway workers & judges are honest and dedicated and I take offense to anyone saying otherwise.

Bob Miller is, by far, the best candidate for the job of Supervisor of the Town of Murray. He will have an open door for anyone that has issues or concerns. He will make improvements where they need to be made. He is running with Paul Hendel and Mike Mele. Both are intelligent, honest and sensible people who are ready do good work for our town.

Vote for the candidates you can rely on to represent us…all of us.

Louise Passarell

Town of Murray