Murray election is chance for new representation, chosen by the people

Posted 5 November 2019 at 7:37 am


With it time for local elections, I contemplate the state of politics within our own town of Murray. What many residents may not realize is that at least half of our present councilmen in office are there by appointment, which has become commonplace.

When later they run for election, it’s harder to remove an incumbent and so they stay. In other words, when a position becomes vacant, the list of pals gets pulled out, they close their eyes, spin around and play pin the tail on the donkey, or so it seems.

Why do this?  You might ask. Choosing a pal is more likely to ensure a “yes” vote. This group may be doing a good job at the helm, but who is to know? When surrounded by yes men, who’s to know if things could be done a little better? Or even a lot better? It’s like a recipe. It looks edible and it tastes okay but add a little of this and a touch of that and voila, so much better. You don’t know what you’re missing.

As you may know, my husband, Dirk Lammes, is involved in our local politics and presently has a seat on the Republican committee. Two years ago he and three others were able to fly under the radar of the establishment to force an inconvenient primary. It was then that Dirk received and angry phone call from an individual of the establishment who said, “What do you guys think you’re doing forcing a primary? These positions have been filled by appointment for 30 years!” Whoa.

And although Dirk and I have been bombarded with family distractions lately, and family always comes first, Dirk continues to have the same free thinking passionate pride in his community as always.  We’d both like to see some changes in leadership. Break the cycle of appointments. Bob Miller lost in the primary election when Joe Sidonio won under the Republican ticket. Joe also holds the Conservative and Independent lines. Be a humble and gracious man, Bob. Vote Joe Sidonio for Town Supervisor.


Kathryn Lammes