Murray candidate wishes for kinder election process

Posted 4 November 2019 at 10:11 am


I am saddened by the political atmosphere in our town these days. When I was a young man I said I’d never get involved in politics. The bickering, mud-slinging, the non-truths and the lengths that people would go to were disgusting to me. Unfortunately this has never been more true than now on both national and local levels.

The political environment has changed, worsened.  Good strong moral character is found in fewer and far between.

It was three years ago that I met Joe Sidonio. He came over one day, introduced himself and taught me about the election process. This sparked an unexpected interest in my town of Murray politics. In all of my 25 years of living in Murray, Joe has been the only political figure to show up at my front door for a chat. He spent time explaining his vision and his concerns.  He showed a genuine interest in the future of our town.

Over the years I have gotten to see Joe’s work ethic and the endless hours spent on town policies. Joe is impressive. As an observer, having had 30-plus years experience in self employment, I have dealt with a lot of people and have a good understanding and foundation in which to base my opinion.

We’re all human beings and not without flaws. None of us is perfect. There are, however, some values that I will not stray from. I feel that Joe Sidonio best meets those.

I struggle with the fact that Bob Miller did not concede to Joe Sidonio in this spring’s primary election. He doesn’t honor the votes of Joe’s constituents. It is likely to cause and even deeper divide. Murray has already spoken. To be humble in victory and gracious in defeat displays a strength of character and a level of honor.

As in national politics, in the Town of Murray there is a divide. Each side has their supporters. We need to stop carrying around such animosity. Be kinder.

As for me, my name is still on the ballot under the conservative and independent lines. I have not been out campaigning or putting out signs, for fear of being persecuted for party disloyalty, which I recently found out is not an issue after all – after reading recent emails that have circulated from the county republican chairman.

So when you set out to vote, look for Joe Sidonio and Dirk Lammes on the ballot. Thank You.

Yours truly,

Dirk Lammes