Murray candidate urges voters to change status quo

Posted 10 September 2018 at 1:49 pm


I do not run for office merely to challenge someone. I run because I believe our Town is not headed in the right direction. We can only change divisive policies of status quo through election.

It begins with the Republican Committee who endorse candidates. Interestingly, my opponent is the only candidate, and without interview put forth by 12 committee persons charged with seeking out candidates. The chairman distributed pre-filled out petitions for my opponent while 2 new committee candidates were already sitting at the table and then appointed. The committee failed its civic responsibility.  The system is broken and Murray government is not working to make our lives better.

My opponent’s campaign material states he’s for economic growth in Murray. But, when Hickory Ridge Golf & RV Resort applied to expand, he objected at the Planning and Town Boards. He personally stalled the project costing the owners tens of thousands of dollars in delays and lost grant opportunities. It would appear my opponent is a “NIMBY” (not in my back yard). He claims to be “Connected”. True. Ironically, living next door to our recently elected Supervisor, he personally carried a Nominating Petition for controversial Republican Party Boss, Ron Vendetti. Claims no personal agenda? Also true. He brings no relevant experience to the table.

My agenda has been very clear from the outset. We changed status quo by ending double-dipping stipends. We stopped the mysterious 4-year ongoing water leak officials ignored. As a result, officials are being held accountable and Town taxes remained flat.

If elected, I will address the code of ethics policy for town officials. I will work to prohibit elected and appointed officials from membership in political nominating committees ending “good old boy” town government. If successful, I will be the first to resign my committee position.

I’ll work to solve the water department’s fiscal woes. The Town’s own documents show our Water Department operating in the red and charging disproportionate amounts to consumers.

The latest 2017 Town Sponsored Bonadio Audit Report confirms this:

“The Town has concerns over the cost of general maintenance and operation of the town facilities and equipment.” Sound familiar?

“The audit is not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the Town’s internal controls.”

My opponent touts this Audit Report as a clean bill of health. Clearly, he hasn’t read it. Murray officials fail to comprehend its limited scope and content. It’s obvious the Town needs help managing our finances.

Who is working as hard as I to help improve our town government? You may or may not agree with me but why not allow me the opportunity to fix things. After all, I’m working for you.

Joseph Sidonio


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