Murray bans parking on Lynch Road near school

By Kristina Gabalski, Correspondent Posted 12 October 2016 at 9:52 am

MURRAY – Members of the Murray Town Board on Tuesday evening adopted two local laws:  Local Law No. 3 of 2016 which regulates stopping, standing and parking of motor vehicles on Lynch Road, and Local Law No. 4 of 2016 which repeals a 2007 local law regulating the outside storage of unlicensed vehicles.

Only the north side of Lynch Road from Route 237 west to the culvert is affected by the parking ban. Town Supervisor John Morriss stated that the law was the result of concerns expressed by residents over parking along the roadside during events at the Holley Middle School/High School.

“People have been parking on lawns,” Morriss said.

Residents have also stated they are concerned about safety along the roadway when the parking occurs.

During a public hearing on the law, one resident of Lynch Road noted speed zones along that area are not well marked.

“It’s a very dangerous situation,” he said, and explained that some motorists leaving the school grounds do speed along that section of Lynch Road.

Local Law No. 4 was adopted to “remove an unenforceable local law from the books,” town attorney Jeff Martin explained. The law repeals an earlier statute regarding the outside storage of unlicensed vehicles which is no longer effective due to a new state law – the international property maintenance code – which became fully effective Oct. 3.

During the public comment opportunity near the end of the agenda, resident Joe Sidonio requested that Town Board members reconsider the town’s bulk water policies.

Sidonio said he is concerned over water being used from fire hydrants and the “safety of the public fresh water supply.” He requested that the town take immediate action to “discontinue the business of the honor system with bulk water users…. the safety of drinking water is of paramount concern,” Sidonio said.

He noted that the town was cited last year for E. coli in the water. Additionally, Sidonio said violations are pending for not sufficiently protecting the public water supply regarding the connection recently of a fire hose to a hydrant.

Town Highway/Water Superintendent Ed Morgan was not in attendance at Tuesday evening’s meeting to respond to Sidonio.

Supervisor John Morriss told Sidonio the town planned to discuss the bulk water issue at an upcoming work session on Oct. 26, but that discussion will be re-scheduled allowing all interested parties to be present.

“Who knows what we will do in the future?” Morriss said regarding the town’s policy for bulk water usage. He said farmers would be upset if it was changed, however, he noted, “water is very important to people in the town. You are right,” he told Sidonio. “We need to protect it.”

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