Murray asked to extend public water further down West Brockville Road

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 18 August 2022 at 1:55 pm

MURRAY – The Murray Town Board was asked by a married couple on West Brockville Road to extend public water on West Brockville Road.

Steve and Stacey Keon said they rely on groundwater and get concerned during drought years whether they will have enough water.

They said they signed a petition in 1998 to be on a public waterline, but that infrastructure didn’t make it all the way down their road. Since then a new house has been built and there is interest in housing development at other open lots.

“We’re seeing growth down here,” Mrs. Keon told the board on Monday evening. “With a waterline it would benefit the neighbors.”

Town Councilman Paul Hendel said Murray should look at all the segments in the town that don’t have public waterlines and try to do a final water district to cover all the areas.

Highway Superintendent Dirk Lammes said nearly the entire town is covered.

The Keons said they would help build support for a new water district as the town identifies other unserved pockets of Murray.

In other action, the board renewed an agreement for an annual contribution of $1,500 to support the Murray-Holley Historical Society.