Murray approves ‘confidential separation agreement’ with former employee

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 10 April 2019 at 7:33 am

MURRAY – The Town Board approved a “confidential separation agreement” on Tuesday with a former employee, with the details of the agreement not to be made public, said Town Supervisor Robert Miller.

The Town Board went into executive session to discuss the agreement. When board members and attorney Jeff Martin came out of executive session, the board voted unanimously to have Miller sign the agreement.

Miller said the town can’t disclose who the agreement is with or for how much money.

That irked resident Kerri Neale, who told the board the public should be aware of the agreement because it involves taxpayer money.

“You are not at liberty to discuss what you’re doing with our money?” Neale asked at Tuesday’s Town Board meeting.

Miller said because it is a confidential agreement, the details can’t be shared publicly.

Neale said he believes the Town Board is doing what it believes is best for the town in resolving a conflict. However, Neale said he wouldn’t have reached such an agreement.

“When you face a bully you don’t just keep giving them your lunch money,” Neale said. “Sometimes you have to fight them.”

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