Murray approves ambulance contract with Monroe at $30,600 for 2023

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 21 November 2022 at 9:05 pm

MURRAY – The Town Board this evening approved a $30,600 contract with Monroe Ambulance to provide EMS services in the town in 2023.

Murray follows Barre, Albion and Clarendon in approving an agreement with Monroe. The Rochester-based ambulance company negotiating a contract with seven towns in Orleans to provide ambulance services.

Monroe would be paid $200,000 collectively by the seven towns, with the share of each town based on call volume.

Murray has the second-largest amount at $30,600. It is the fourth town to approve the contract after Albion at $84,400, Clarendon at $18,800 and Barre at $8,000.

Gaines ($24,600) wants to consider wait on Monroe to get more information from Mercy Flight EMS about its proposal for ambulance service. Kendall ($18,000) also has tabled a decision. Carlton at $14,800 hasn’t voted yet, either.

Monroe currently serves the three eastern towns – Clarendon, Murray and Kendall – but doesn’t station an ambulance in Orleans County.

With the new agreement, Monroe would station an ambulance in Holley and also in Albion.

Murray Town Councilman Randy Bower said the agreement will result in better service for the community.

“I think it really, really helps our town with the ambulance coverage because we have been lacking in that area,” he said at the board meeting. “Monroe can keep an ambulance and backfill when needed.”

Monroe can draw on about 20 ambulances to help when there are high call volumes.

Murray will pay for the $30,600 out of federal funds it received through the American Rescue Plan Act.

The agreement with Monroe was approved unanimously by Town Supervisor Joe Sidonio and councilmen Lloyd Christ, Mike Mele, Randy Bower and new board member Gerald Rightmyer.