Morelle introduces legislation to defend voting rights

Posted 9 August 2023 at 1:44 pm

Press Release, Congressman Joe Morelle

ROCHESTER – Today, against the backdrop of Susan B. Anthony’s legacy and joined by local partners in government, Congressman Joe Morelle announced the introduction of legislation to protect our nation’s most foundational promise – the right to vote.

“Our democracy is under attack as extremists scheme to restrict ballot access and undermine faith in our elections—and we’re fighting back with the Freedom to Vote Act,” said Congressman Joe Morelle. “This legislation will bring our nation one step closer to its foundational promise by protecting every eligible American’s right to vote in secure, accessible, and transparent elections.”

While extreme MAGA Republicans are attempting to hand power to election deniers, dark money groups, and corporate special interests, democrats are fighting to return the power to the people. The Freedom to Vote Act ensures every eligible American has the right to vote in a secure, accessible, transparent election, by:

  • Modernizing our election systems to keep them secure, ensure voter rolls are accurate, and give voters more opportunities to register through automatic voter registration, online voter registration, and same-day voter registration.
  • Setting national standards to protect access to the ballot and give people choices to vote through options such as early voting, voting by mail, and drop boxes.
  • Strengthening protections for voters from intimidation at the polls and frivolous challenges to their eligibility, as well as ensuring their ballot is counted and they are notified and given due process before it can be disqualified.
  • Improving access for voters with disabilities, military voters, and overseas voters.

A legislative summary of the Freedom to Vote Act can be found by clicking here.

“One of the most important principles of American Democracy is the right to vote,” said Rochester City Council President Miguel Meléndez. “Protecting that right for all citizens should be done at all costs. I stand with Congressman Morelle and elected leaders who are fighting to preserve those rights.”