More immigrants needed to keep economy going strong

Posted 7 October 2019 at 10:12 am


The numbers tell the story. The Latino contribution to the US economy would make this group the eighth largest economy in the world (LDC – US Latino GDPReport).

There is good news but there are two glaring exceptions. First, the deficit is exploding in excess of GDP. That debt needs to be paid. Second, while our 3.6 unemployment rate looks good, it is not. In fact, the job force is losing 300,000 baby boomers a month and we do not have the workers to sustain even our less than 2 percent growth in GDP rate or, worse, service the deficit.

We need a 1/3 increase in our economy to do that. What this means is that we have to solve our immigration problems or our economy will collapse for want of workers.

Conrad Cropsey