Miller is best choice for stable Murray government

Posted 21 September 2017 at 3:28 pm


I want to qualify myself a bit before I continue to voice my observations and opinion.

I am fast approaching “Senior Citizen Stage” and with that want you to know I have lived in the town of Murray better than 50 years. You may know me? I grew up here, went to school here and have participated in many areas of the community.

I have volunteered beyond my full-time employment and have been present coaching on youth soccer fields, Church council, hunter education instruction, mowing cemetery lawns, St. Vincent de Paul, Boy Scout leader and I am on the Town Planning Board among other interests.

I once thought there was greener grass elsewhere when I was younger and moved away but I returned to Murray. I chose a long time ago to live in a peaceful, quaint, solitary farmland community where all are relatives and friends that get along working together as a team. Running a town is not an individual effort.

In my resident tenure, I have never experienced any wrongdoing among the fine town executives we elected to represent us. I know some personalities have clashed but never has there been this type of disruption here in Murray until this 2017 race for Town Supervisor.

With my protracted stay in Murray I have worked alongside both candidates at one time or another.

I respect both men to a point and they are both strong opinionated people. I am sure in their own way want the best for our community.

But here is why I must side with one and are some of the antics that solidified my position. I have never been one that likes information that is half truths. I do not like it when information is taken out of context. I don’t like when running for one position you defame other highly respected elected or hired town officials. I don’t like when false accusations are made, facts are twisted, manipulated, misrepresented or misconstrued in a charlatan like manner. I don’t like when someone’s demeanor becomes out of hand at meetings and does not maintain self-control or order.

As an almost lifelong resident and from my perspective I will speak very highly of one of the candidates.

He will be a friend to all, kind, giving of himself and his time. Daily risking his life for others for over 30 years.  Representing New York State and upholding the highest standards of our United States.

Ethical, fair, faithful, reverent, dependable, excellent principles, listens to others’ concerns and their issues.  Educated, smart, law abiding and as he has stated is no one’s puppet. Has financial accountability and just one small example has shown that by the low-cost conservative campaign he is running. He has the fine qualities that were demanded by the State Of New York and is a retired New York State Investigator.

Vote Robert Miller! He and the town’s team will work for all the people. Robert will side with ethics and do the right thing for our town of Murray. With Robert, we will be family again in a unified community.

Miller’s demeanor will not allow the actions of others to influence anything other than a legal path to any issue brought before him.

The perfect choice for Town Supervisor for me as a longtime resident is New York State’s highly decorated and respected Robert Miller!

With Robert Miller leading Murray you will have no regrets. If there are any discrepancies Miller will address and act when and where necessary. This my friends isn’t status quo.

Let’s keep our community in a peaceful state.  He is not that guy who is always looking to disrupt and create havoc. He is not passing false information or trying to buy a vote.

Robert Miller is the positive choice for me and should be for smart voters too! I know this will bring rebuttal but there is nothing here that can be contested. Join me in electing the only stable choice I see that we have.  Please join me and vote Robert Miller this November!

Sincere Regards,

Neil Valentine

Town of Murray