Middleport Church is an enduring, dominant structure

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 23 July 2015 at 12:00 am

Our Sandstone Heritage

Photos by Tom Rivers
MIDDLEPORT – In this small village in Niagara County, the top of a large church made from Medina sandstone looms over trees and downtown buildings that are blocks away.

St. Stephen’s Catholic Church may be on a side street, but it is a dominant building in the community. I was passing through Middleport on Tuesday evening, and I had to get a few pictures of this church at 21 Vernon St.

I’d like to get inside to see what the big stained-glass windows look like.

St. Stephen’s in Middleport and St. Mary’s in Medina merged their parish in 2008 to become Holy Trinity Parish. The two churches share a priest, the Rev. Daniel J. Fawls.

I wasn’t able to find out when the church was constructed but I think it was from 1908.

Based on this stone, I would guess the sandstone church replaced a building from 1854 to 1908, with the new church openeing in 1908.

St. Mary’s in Medina, one of the most awe-inspiring church buildings I’ve ever seen in a small town, was built in 1902.

The rounded windows and arches is a feature of the Romanesque architectural style, which was popular in medieval Europe.

The church even put a stone cross up high on the top of the building.

This is an impressive site in a tiny village. Some other buildings nearby have sandstone in their foundations, but with this one it looks like every block, from top to bottom, was made of sandstone.

The Medina Sandstone Society is accepting nominations for the next class of the Medina Sandstone Hall of Fame. Click here for more information.