Mercy Flight EMS takes reins at COVA in Orleans, Hamlin

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 15 November 2022 at 3:10 pm

Photo by Tom Rivers: Mercy Flight EMS is now operating COVA ambulance based out of Albion and Hamlin.

ALBION – Mercy Flight EMS announced today that it is operating Central Orleans Volunteer Ambulance, Inc. That includes the operations in Orleans County based in Albion and in Hamlin, Monroe County.

Mercy Flight’s agreement with COVA was effective at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 13. Mercy Flight will provide ground ambulance service under COVA’s NYS Department of Health “Certificate of Need,” said Scott P. Wooton, executive vice president and treasurer for COVA.

“Under the agreement, COVA’s medical providers have been hired by Mercy Flight, and will continue to operate COVA’s vehicles while the two organizations work to have COVA’s Certificate of Need permanently transferred to Mercy Flight,” Wooton said in a statement. “Additionally, as per the agreement, Mercy Flight has taken over the right to billing and collections for ambulance services as of the same date.”

Mercy Flight submitted a proposal to seven towns in Orleans County to be considered in a contract for ambulance services. Monroe Ambulance also is seeking that contract for the seven towns. Barre and Albion already have voted to have Monroe Ambulance be the ambulance provider and the other towns are expected to vote in the next week on a contract.

Mercy Flight’s agreement with COVA “has allowed for a seamless continuation of Advanced Life Support ambulance service to the people of Orleans County and Hamlin, and provides opportunities for COVA’s dedicated employees to continue to work for a nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to provide compassionate patient care,” said Wooton of Mercy Flight.