Member of Congress spouting conspiracies shouldn’t be allowed to serve in such a role

Posted 1 March 2021 at 8:27 am


Every day when I go to school to teach, there are three things educators emphasize: lying is not OK, bullying in any form or context is not acceptable, and that belief and opinion are not the same as fact.

Breaches of these tenants are actionable. Yet when I see members of Congress like Marjorie Taylor Greene being allowed to harass, threaten, spout nonsense that incite violence and hate I am deeply disturbed. This is a person whose claims have nothing constructive to bring to governance.

Taking her off committees is not enough. What could possibly be the constructive governance goals of a person who believes dangerous, insidious, insane conspiracy theories, who endorses murdering people and encourages domestic terrorists to destroy and kill? What people say and believe when in a position to make crucial decisions matters.

Elected officials have no business remaining in power who unapologetically hold such beliefs. She espouses and seeks to shove through these theories to bear fruit in the governance of the United States of America. Conspiracy theories only cement tyrannical power.

Elected officials who let peers stand to this behavior either are hair-raisingly likeminded, cowed, or are arrogant and lacking in good judgment. In any case, they do not deserve the privilege of serving in Congress.

Robin Lewis