Meet the town supervisors from Orleans County in 1897

Posted 16 February 2014 at 12:00 am

By Bill Lattin
Orleans County Historian

(Editor’s note: Before there was an Orleans County Legislature, the county government was run by the Board of Supervisors. That changed in 1980, when the seven-member Legislature started. With the Board of Supervisors, the town supervisor from each of the 10 towns also served on the county board.)

The Orleans County Board of Supervisors posed for this picture in 1897. Seated, from left: Charles Bridgeman of Kendall; Cassius Hard of Carlton; William Luttenton of Barre; Harvey Jones of Shelby; Dennis Evarts of Clarendon; and Ray Cole, messenger, sitting in front.

Standing left to right: Adelbert Chapman of Gaines; Mahlon Reed of Ridgeway; Fred M. Thompson, clerk; George Rolfe of Yates, William Phipps of Albion and N.L. Cole of Murray.

William Phipps of Albion was elected to the State Assembly and served in 1901-1902.