Medina’s fast-charging stations estimated to cost $370K

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 27 May 2023 at 9:05 am

Photo by Tom Rivers: Medina’s fast-charging stations are planned for the Canal Basin near the median where there is access to electricity. There would be four spots with each station having two.

MEDINA – The total cost for the Village of Medina’s two fast-charging stations is estimated at $370,000.

It shouldn’t cost the village anything, unless the village opts for short-term financing, said Matt Zarbo, a managing engineer with Barton & Loguidice.

He went over the grant and project with the Village Board this week. Medina on April 17 was approved for a $245,184 grant for two direct-current fast charger pedestals.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation and National Grid will also contribute to the project, Zarbo said.

Medina will go through the design and procurement phase of the project. Zarbo said the village needs to pay upfront and then get reimbursed. Medina can consider short-term financing or using existing village funds, Zarbo said.

The state and National Grid will pay for all construction, design, engineering, signage and painting for the project, but the short-term financing expense may not be included, Zarbo said.

When Gov. Kathy Hochul announced the funding for Medina last month, it was part of $8.4 million awarded statewide for charging stations. Medina was one of 28 to receive funding for the fast-charging stations that take only 45 minutes.

The Village of Albion one of 454 to be awarded $10,500 for two Level 2 charging ports that take longer for a charge.

The charging stations approved for Medina need to be in the downtown area and there needs to be four parking spots designated for electric vehicles at the charging stations.

Village Board members on Monday said there may be some pushback from business owners about having spots reserved for electric vehicles.

“We are excited to have them don’t get me wrong but  we have a shortage of parking spots in the village,” said Village Trustee Marguerite Sherman.

Zarbo said he sees the fast-charging stations as a big benefit to the businesses. They will be the first fast-chargers for public use in the county, and will show up on apps, drawing electric vehicle drivers to Medina.

Zarbo suggested the spots go in the Canal Basin parking lot, where there is existing three-phase electric infrastructure in the median of the parking lot. That would make the project less costly.

“This should help the businesses not hurt them,” Zarbo said. “Apps show where fast-charging stations are located. You may draw more people here.”

Users of the charging stations are expected to be billed through a credit card or an app.