Medina’s Class of 1998 holds 20th reunion

Staff Reports Posted 26 June 2018 at 8:06 am

Photo courtesy of Tom Smith

MEDINA – Medina’s Class of 1998 held its 20th reunion on Saturday at the Sacred Heart Club in Medina.

Front Row (L to R): Nick Lacy, Chris Grimm, Tony Tiranno, Christian Hale, Matt Haak, Nathan Pettit, Katie Granchelli, Lyndsey Macmillan (Wagner), Kelly Moriarty, LeanneOlshavsky (Hermann), Mollie McDonough, Sandra Roach (Patterson), Stephanie Thomas (Watts), Melissa Streiff (Lamar), Stephen Houseman, Eric Moule.

Middle Row: Ernest Ribbeck, Colleen Ingersoll (McGrane), Elizabeth Aszkler (Keppler), Michael Kinne, Jeff Klatt, Dale Cleaveland, Tim Winans, David Fuller, Joe Chambers, Jeffrey Elsenheimer, Shannon Jackson (Scalise), Guinevere Panek (Smith), Jessica Babcock (Smith), Jamie Michaels (Johnson), Nick Leszczynski, Mike Powlowski, Robert Ribbeck.

Top Row: Mary Dieter, Brent Barcena, David Carpenter, Jarred Saj, Brandon Myers, Joseph Sands, Kevin Donovan, Courtney Southworth Dzialo, Meghan Fuller (Schiffer), Amy Barcus, Michael Culmo, Anne Joynt, Jennifer Forrest (Root), Tiffany Nesbitt (Hartway), Mike Walter.

Also in attendance but missing from picture: Mike Gray, Jamie Duffina, Amy Fuller and Matthew Caldwell.

Other classes that have reunions can send a photo to

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