Medina woman, who has survived 2 world wars and pandemics, nears 107th birthday

By Ginny Kropf, correspondent Posted 21 December 2020 at 8:53 am

Photos by Ginny Kropf: Jennifer Cassidy of Connecticut, standing, and Shari Cassidy of Medina gather around their aunt, Flora Posson, who will be 107 in January.

MEDINA – On Jan. 19, Flora Posson will celebrate a milestone.

She will be 107 years old.

Posson was a triplet born Jan. 19, 1914 at home on Hedley Street. The two girls and a boy weighed three pounds and were put in the oven to keep them warm, according to their niece Sheri Cassidy.

Posson’s brother Karl died in the Pacific in 1945 while serving in World War II. Her sister Maggie died at 92. The siblings had an older sister Virginia, who was Sheri’s and Jennifer’s mother.

Growing up in Medina, Posson was the star player on the girls’ basketball team, and early in life she was given the nickname “Fuzzy.” Her nieces think it was because she had tight curly hair, while her brother and sister had straight hair. Sheri and Jennifer still fondly call her “Fuzzy.”

Posson attended Skidmore College, where she received a degree in secretarial science.

She worked at FMC Corporation in Middleport as secretary to the CEO Robert Malott, and visited him in Chicago when he retired.

She has always been an animal lover and still has a kitty, said niece Sheri Cassidy, who is staying with her for a while. Niece Jennifer Cassidy of Connecticut recently visited, but just returned home this week. Posson has 24-hour caregivers.

Jennifer Cassidy gives her aunt, Flora Posson, a cup of tea, while niece Sheri Cassidy looks on. Posson still lives in her own home and her nieces visit regularly.

Posson was a ballroom dancer in her early years, having learned at Arthur Murray’s studio, and competing in New York City. Her favorite dance was the tango. She was a longtime member of Medina Memorial Hospital’s Twig Association and was active on the Child Welfare League.

She has always loved to play bridge and still played last year. She still plays Kings in a Corner with her nieces.

“She throws the cards down when she’s not winning,” Sheri said.

After her 100th birthday she spent a year in Connecticut with Jennifer.

She celebrated her 100th birthday at the Walsh Hotel, where she enjoyed going with her friends, including the late Barny Hart. Her nieces said her favorite drink was scotch on the rocks, and she smiled and said yes when Sheri asked if she’d like one.

Until this summer, Posson was still able to walk on her own, but she recently had a slump, which prompted her nieces to call Hospice. Hospice, now known as Supportive Care of Orleans, still comes in once a week, but Posson has been slowly improving, Sheri said.

Posson has survived two World Wars and two pandemics. She has lived in Medina nearly her entire life.

Her nieces said one thing is for sure.

“She loves this town.”

(Editor’s Note: UPDATE AT 10:52 A.M.: Orleans Hub was notified late this morning that Flora Posson passed away last night. An obituary will be forthcoming.)