Medina woman was warrior in finding homes for dogs in dire situations

Posted 6 November 2022 at 8:25 pm


We enjoy unsung heroes in life. Some do good deeds because it’s the right thing to do, some do because it’s wired in their DNA. Susan Williams was one of these heroes.

There was nothing she would not do to help the dire situations of dogs. From rescuing unwanted pets in Niagara Falls, to dragging me to the local “pound” to spring a former save-a-pet dog that was ditched by an unscrupulous adopter,  Susan took charge.

I was always in awe of this tiny but strong woman “just getting things done.” Susan told it like it was, and people knew she was relentless when it came to a voiceless dog. If there was no foster home, she took them in to her home until one was found.

I introduced her to Save-a-Pet Niagara and Susan found a place to organize her calling. She became a board member, dog officer and fund raiser. Add caring for her fosters…I was so proud of Susan.

Now what? I can only pray that in her honor, another hero will step up. Susan’s passing brought a flood of tears and a reminder that life is not just about shallow things. It is nothing if you don’t give back.

A glass of wine is lifted to my dear friend. Rest easy, Susan. I see Jersey leaping and running to you, along with so many happy dogs.

Debby Rodrigues