Medina Winter Guard has strong finish to season

Posted 8 April 2018 at 5:25 pm

Provided photos: This photo shows the members of the three Winter Guard units at Medina.

Courtesy of Kathy Dreyfus, Medina Mustang Band Publicity Chair

The North East Color Guard Circuit (NECGC) celebrated its 30-year anniversary on Saturday when the Gates Chili school district hosted the championships. Thirty-five guard units from western NY and Canada performed in competition followed by the Heritage Hurricanes and ARC of Yates, two guards for adults with disabilities. These two guards received standing ovations and tied for “Grand Champions.”

Median students compete in the Novice class on Saturday.

In the Novice class, Medina came in fourth. In the Cadet class, Medina won first place with a score of 76.75. In Scholastic A division, Medina’s Varsity won first place with a score of 80.88.

Instructor Diana Baker commented that all 3 groups did well. “Remember how far they’ve come and not how far they have to go. The guards may not be where they want to be but neither are they where they used to be.”

Medina took first in the Cadet class.

Band Director Jim Steele is well aware of all the work the students in these three groups put in since coming together in November. He is pleased with their determination and motivation to improve their skills and demonstrate them in their performances.

Other winners include: in Regional A, Gates-Chili with a score of 83.71; in A1, Corning Painted Post at 80.71; in SR, Magic of Scout House at 82.31; in Independent A, Gates-Chili at 87.81; in Scholastic Open, Victor with a score of 89.20; and in Independent Open, Lancaster at 89.40.

With the Winter Guard season closing, the Mustang Band is preparing for its spring street show and practices have begun.

Medina’s Varsity won first place with a score of 80.88 in Scholastic A division.

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