Medina will remove gazebo at Canal Basin

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 2 May 2022 at 9:34 am

Photo by Tom Rivers: The wooden gazebo in Medina’s Canal Basin has been declared surplus and will removed due to its unsafe condition.

MEDINA – The Village Board has opted against trying to sell a deteriorated gazebo at the Canal Basin, fearing if someone tried to move it the structure would crumble into pieces with the village having to clean it up.

The board in March voted to declare the gazebo surplus with the plan to have the Department of Public Works take down the structure.

Since then the village has been told some people would be interested in the gazebo and relocating it.

But board members last week said it doesn’t want to take a chance on having the gazebo moved by someone else. They worry the building would fall apart if someone tried to move it and the village would have to pick up the mess.

Jason Watts, the DPW superintendent, said the DPW would dismantle the gazebo and take it away from its spot by the Erie Canal.

“It’s not worth the time,” he said about trying to relocate the structure. “Let’s build back something nice.”