Medina will put new kiosk in canal basin with final design to be determined

Photo by Tom Rivers: This kiosk in Medina’s canal basin will be removed for a more modern display. The new sign may be located away from the canal bank where the former gazebo was, next to the parking area.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 28 June 2022 at 12:38 pm

MEDINA – The village will be replacing a deteriorating wooden kiosk display by the Canal Basin with a new sign. The new one will have multiple panels and will have a more modern look.

The Orleans County YMCA is using a $10,000 grant to pay for most of the cost.

The Village Board on Monday approved spending $9,308 for the cost of two displays cabinets and LED lighting, as well as the freight to have it delivered. The board approved that so it can utilize a grant that needed to be spent by the end of June.

The board hasn’t decided yet on the design. There is one option with four panels and another with eight panels.

The village’s Tourism Committee is working with Takeform in Medina on the project. The sign will have an aluminum body and aluminum filler panels. The display will have a urethane paint finish.

This concept would cost $18,500 total and would have four interchangeable panels as well as a map of Medina. It would have a header sign and be illuminated.

This option includes eight display areas with multiple flanking panels. It would be $16,000.

Jim Hancock, chairman of the Tourism Committee, said the money over the $10,000 could be raised with fundraising. Mayor Mike Sidari said the village cannot accept donations directly for the project. An outside entity would need to collect any donations to pay for the costs over the $10,000. That would be $6,000 to $8,500, depending on which option is selected.

Hancock asked that the sign touting Medina attractions be in the spot for the former gazebo. That is up higher from the canal bank and next to the parking area. Hancock thinks it would be seen by more people and be more accessible.

The main sign display would be 4 feet in height by 7 feet wide.

The cost doesn’t include a concrete pad to set the sign on. Hancock asked the village DPW help with that part of the project.

The board members said they will continue to discuss the issue. The board approved part of the sign on Monday so it could utilize the $10,000 grant.