Medina welcomes volunteers to help build new playground at Butts Park

Photos by Tom Rivers: This playground at Butts Park will be removed with volunteers asked to help install a new one on Sept. 28-30.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 12 September 2018 at 10:34 pm

A new playground will replace this wooden one at Butts Park.

MEDINA – The Village of Medina is welcoming volunteers to help build a new playground at Butts Park.

The current playground is worn out, and the wooden pieces need frequent attention from the Department of Public Works. That playground will be removed and a new one will go in its place.

The village could use at least 50 volunteers to help with the new playground on Sept. 28-30.

“All skill levels are needed but some prior experience with this type of work is helpful,” said Mayor Mike Sidari.

The village needs manual labors on Sept. 28, a Friday, to help dig and level holes to prepare the site for construction. Also, on that day the village will need volunteers to sort out the parts so when construction begins everything is ready to go, Sidari said.

Saturday, Sept. 29, is a full day of prep work and final construction. Volunteers will create small structures to attach to the larger structure and prepare the larger structure for those smaller pieces. There is also a need for volunteers to help with registration and food.

“The more volunteers we have the quicker the community will be able to use the playground,” Sidari said.

If the playground is completed by the September 30 deadline, the community should be able to use the playground my mid-October.

Volunteers, civic groups and organizations interested in helping can get a waiver to sign at the Village Hall. For more information, call the Village Hall at 585-798-0710 ext. 2, stop by the Village Hall at 119 Park Ave., or click here for the village website.

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