Medina welcomed crowds for community yard sale, but not for Memorial Day

Posted 7 June 2021 at 11:22 am


On Saturday there was the community yard sale here in Medina and everyone seemed to have a good time.

But what a difference a week makes. Last Monday the local veterans held their Memorial Day  observances and were told by the Village Board that there were concerns about traffic tie-ups and interference with construction. But on Saturday there was backed up traffic all over the village pretty much most of the day.

What a difference a week makes. Last Monday the veterans were told that we had to stay six feet apart, even though we were outside and there were pretty much no restrictions to going into local businesses.

On Saturday there were no such restrictions in evidence throughout the village, In fact, even some board members had their own yard sales with no six-foot rule.

I guess it’s more important to restrict those of us who would have fought and died for each other rather than restrict perfect strangers from coming onto your property to exchange your junk for filthy lucre.

What a difference a week makes. I’m writing this as a concerned citizen and veteran from Medina, no titles, nothing like that. Unlike one of the board members who felt it was important to use their title as village trustee when getting into a public interstate pissing match with a former area resident. How shameful was that?

I would have expected something better from an elected official who I took the time to come out and vote onto the board because I thought they had the maturity and capability to do a great job for the village.

What a difference a week makes …

Dan Anderson