Medina teachers collect lots of food for pantry

Posted 20 November 2014 at 12:00 am

Provided photos – Medina High School teachers are pictured with food collected at the school for a local food pantry. The group includes, from left: Julie Webber, Kim Zakes, Jon Sherman, Gianna Sargent and Tom Robinson.

Press Release, Medina Central School

MEDINA – The Medina Teachers’ Association at the High School, Clifford Wise Intermediate/Middle School and Oak Orchard Elementary pulled together to help out the Calvary Tabernacle Assembly’s Food Pantry for the upcoming holidays.

Medina High School French teacher Julie Webber says this is the fourth year the staff has rallied together for the church’s “Helpful Harvest.”

Oak Orchard Elementary teachers collected many bags of food for Calvary Tabernacle’s food pantry.

“We asked everyone over the course of two weeks to bring in nonperishable food items,” Webber said. “The church does so much for our community and everyone was happy to lend a hand. We even had teachers volunteer to go shopping for their colleagues who didn’t have time to go to the store.”

Mrs. Webber says they are very grateful to Tops for donating the brown bags for the staff where they attached their wish list: cereal, boxed potatoes, peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, kid friendly snacks, can fruit and vegetables, stuffing, jelly and can pasta and ravioli.

Clifford Wise Intermediate/Middle School teachers are pictured with food to be donated.

“We ended up with about 30 to 40 bags at each of our schools and it was a great feeling to be able to pull up to their building and help them carry it inside,” Webber said. “They were very grateful.”