Medina students compete in GCC Tech Wars

Posted 4 April 2017 at 9:16 am

Provided photos: Kayla Cuadra and Marc MacDonald compete in the regatta event at Tech Wars on March 16.

Press Release, Medina Central School

MEDINA – Medina Central School District Technology teacher Mike Lepkyj and his students recently competed in the 10th Annual Genesee Community College Tech Wars.

The goal of the event is to allow middle school and high school students to take what they learn in their Technology classrooms and compete in a hands-on educational and fun program.

There are several competitions that the students can compete in ranging from architecture, bridge building, projectile motion and robotics.

“We hold competitions here to determine who will be attending the competition,” said Mr. Lepkyj.  “A lot of schools hold technology clubs after school, but I incorporate mine into my curriculum.  I get the students to do various projects because what they learn here can go beyond the classroom and be transferred to real world application. “

The students had a lot of fun competing against other schools and three of them got to compete in a mystery challenge.

“They don’t have to there with a project already completed,” says Mr. Lepkyj. “They are presented with a problem in the competition and have about two hours to solve it using different techniques. It’s a lot of thinking outside the box. It’s a great experience for them. We also had a second place winner in the Trebuchet competition. So it was a great day.”

Colby Cooper finished second for Medina in Trebuchet at the high school level.

Dansville was the overall Tech Wars winner, with Warsaw in second place and Alexander in third.

Ryan Miller and Anastasia Smith were among the Medina students who tested their mettle in Tech Wars.

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