Medina staff and students collect funds for Thanksgiving meals

Posted 5 November 2015 at 12:00 am

Medina High School students Jordan Moden, Allison Donley, Allysen Snook and Principal Michael Cavanagh are helping to raise funds for the “Boxes of Love” campaign.

Press Release, Medina Central School

MEDINA – Medina Central School staff and students have generously donated to their “Boxes of Love” campaign. The campaign was started 10 years ago when a Medina resident, Cindy Curtain, was volunteering her time at Towne Primary.

“Cindy turned to one of the students and asked him how his Thanksgiving was,” explained Oak Orchard Principal Dan Doctor, who was the principal at Towne before that school closed. “The student responded with a blank stare and told her he did not know what she was talking about when she mentioned turkey and stuffing. That is when we started the program and the district embraced it.”

Clifford Wise Middle School teacher Len Petix and Principal Elaine Wendt are also supporting the effort.

Every year, food items such as turkeys, stuffing, canned goods and desserts, along with cash donations are given to John and Cindy Curtain, who along with volunteers, pack the boxes that are given to feed families in the community for Thanksgiving. Last year the donations were enough to feed 34 families.

Oak Orchard Elementary School staff members Eileen Regan, Anne Downey, Sue Anderson, Elaine Ryan and Christine DuMoulin promote the fund-raising effort.

“This effort is a really special way for us to care for our community,” says Mr. Doctor. “It’s an opportunity for us to come together, touch lives and share hope.”