Medina sets new fee, eliminates another

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 28 April 2021 at 1:08 pm

Transient businesses will have to pay to set up in village; Board eliminates fee for replacing sidewalks

MEDINA – The Village Board set a new fee schedule for transient businesses on Monday, with the businesses having to pay a $100 application fee and then $25 for each day they are in the village, including on Sundays when they may not be open.

The board members say the fees will bring revenue to the village and provide some equity for the brick-and-mortar businesses that pay property taxes.

The board discussed the issue after hearing that Phantom Fireworks wanted to set up outside the Medina Lanes, a bowling alley on Maple Ridge Road, from June 20 to July 5 and sell sparkling devices and other legal fireworks.

“I worry about our hometown businesses,” said Marguerite Sherman, a village trustee.

The transient businesses do not include food trucks, or not-for-profits that set up for fundraisers. There are separate regulations for food trucks.

Mayor Mike Sidari said the fireworks sales is only the second time he can think of a transient business coming to Medina.

The other time was in 2013 when Transitowne set up for auto sales outside the bowling alley in a 10-day sales event.

Village Trustee Owen Toale said the $25 should include off days when the transit businesses may not be selling, but still have a tent and signs up promoting the business.

The board on Monday also decided to eliminate a $30 fee in the village books for people who apply to replace a sidewalk and need a right-of-way permit. A resident on Davis Avenue is planning to replace the sidewalks.

The village wants to encourage people to upgrade the sidewalks, Sidari said. The village DPW will continue to take away the old sidewalks.