Medina seeks state grant for sidewalks on Maple Ridge

Photo by Tom Rivers: This section of Maple Ridge Road near Oak Orchard Creek doesn’t have sidewalks despite being a busy area with restaurants, manufacturing plants, GCC and a residential area.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 28 September 2016 at 7:25 am

MEDINA – Village officials are putting together an application for state funding to add sidewalks on Maple Ridge Road.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Aug. 17 announced $98.7 million in state funds is available to support bicycle, pedestrian, multi-use path and transportation-related programs as well as projects that reduce congestion and help to meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act.

Medina wants some of those funds to make a busy thoroughfare safer for pedestrians. There are sidewalks near the Route 63 intersection on Maple Ridge Road, but most of the road lacks sidewalks from Bates Road to the former Ames plaza.

Mayor Michael Sidari notices many people walking along Maple Ridge Road or using motorized wheelchairs. He said the sidewalks would improve safety for many local residents.

The village is working with Labella Associates in Rochester to put together a grant application. Sidari said initial cost estimates are about $1.3 million to extend sidewalks from Bates Road to the Ames plaza. That includes a pedestrian bridge over the Oak Orchard Creek by the Mariachi De Oro restaurant.

Sidari said Maple Ridge has become busier with GCC, manufacturing plants, chain stores and a residential community. The Orleans Economic Development Agency also is working to develop a hotel on Maple Ridge next to the new Pride Pak vegetable processing plant.

The Medina Village Board last week approved a pre-application for the state grant. Sidari said the state is expected to provide feedback on the pre-application, and the village will then submit a final application by Oct. 21. If Medina is approved, it will need to provide a 20 percent local share for the project, which Sidari said could be provided with in-kind services from the Department of Public Works.

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